[tor-mirrors] An Introduction, and a new mirror.

Jonathan Pichot kutchu at dearstar.net
Tue Apr 10 23:05:30 UTC 2012


Just wanted to introduce myself to the Tor Mirrors group. My name is Jonathan Pichot and I work as web developer for a small company in Michigan. One of my side projects is a network college media sites called Dearstar. These sites have been used to organize and document happenings on campus that aren't covered by student newspapers, usually because they involve the actions of college administrators.

Last year, our network became the central organizing and information hub during a particular staff firing crisis on one of the campuses. We were duly blocked on that campus network.

I was first introduced to Tor when researching about free and open online media. Turns out, Tor can help students bypass these arbitrary information blocks on their campus networks. Interestingly, we've discovered that the Tor project website itself is blocked on many of the campuses we service. In our work to relaunch the Dearstar network, we decided to mirror the Tor project to provide access to these students (at least until our own mirror is blocked). We know there are people using Tor for a lot more important things than college media, so we're happy to help everyone else while we're at it. (We're also looking into running a relay.)

The mirror is located at:


It's a VPS.net node running ubuntu and apache2, set to rsync the site every six hours.

If Tor wants to add it to the mirror list, feel free. You can use the organization name Dearstar.


Jonathan Pichot
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