[tor-mirrors] Running a Mirror using nginx

Robin Buse me at factor.cc
Mon Sep 19 13:10:01 UTC 2011

>> I'm running a mirror using nginx - cronjob works and /dist is viewable.
>> The problem is that nginx apparently isn't supporting something like
>> multiviews for language localization.
>> Is there a workaround for that? Otherwise it says 403 since there's no
>> (defined) index file.
> In the past, I had to add all of the language files to mime.types defined as 
> html pages. Such that html.en, pl, ar, fa, ru, etc were all served up as html.
> You could also define index.html.en as a default index file, because at least 
> that language will always exist.
Done. However, index.html.[de|pl|ar|fr|...] don't exist anyway!?


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