[tor-mirrors] New mirror. :-)

Tristan tristan at coevoet.nl
Fri Sep 2 14:16:43 UTC 2011


On the website of the Tor Project there was a request to introduce
ourselves on the Tor mirror mailinglist when we were running a mirror.
So well... here's my little introduction:

Since earlier today I'm running a HTTPS and (anonymous) FTP mirror
of /dist/. I have configured cron to check for updates every 2 hours.

The HTTPS mirror is reachable at: https://www.coevoet.nl/tor/dist
However, I'm not quite sure if this mirror is in the scope of the Tor
project since it's directory listings are fully integrated with an
existing website, running Drupal. 

The anonymous FTP is running at: ftp.coevoet.nl

The domain itself belongs to a small Dutch squat located in the small
city of Coevorden. 



De Coevoet
Bentheimerstraat 54
7741JL Coevorden

[e-mail] info at coevoet.nl [www] https://www.coevoet.nl

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