[tor-mirrors] New Mirror

Sven Reissmann sven at 0x80.io
Tue Nov 8 18:44:22 UTC 2011


I'm running a TOR mirror in germany. It's updating every four hours.

The mirror is accessible at
 - http://mirror.open-networx.org/torproject.org
 - http://mirror.open-networx.org/torproject.org/dist

HTTPS using CACert certificate
 - https://mirror.open-networx.org/torproject.org
 - https://mirror.open-networx.org/torproject.org/dist

IPv4 and IPv6 are available.

Do you need more ftp mirrors?

Best wishes,

Mein PGP Schluessel: https://0x80.io/files/key.asc
Nicht rueckverfolgbar antworten: https://privacybox.de/srm.msg

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