[tor-mirrors] Directory Port Reachability Test Failed

Shawn R kthxbai2u at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 4 03:06:48 UTC 2011

Try disabling your windows firewall... If you have any like Online Armour, Norton Internet Security, etc. disable those too.
If it works, add the rules to those as well.
I assume you are running some sort of Linux distro, and from what I can tell are trying to set up a hidden service? What service type?
I have set up a hidden server before I might be able to help you :) I also had a tor mirror until recently I moved hosts... I am working on restoring it :)
"Customrc lines" could have been a typo for "Custom rc lines" and short for "Custom torrc lines" (inside of torrc)
Gotta go things to do, lemme know if I should send my email or TeamViewer username or something... I could take a look for you. I am EST (GMT -5h) timezone.
> Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 16:33:11 -0400
> From: flink at crystalwind.com
> To: tor-mirrors at lists.torproject.org
> Subject: [tor-mirrors] Directory Port Reachability Test Failed
> The test fails. The message shows the proper external IP address and
> port. Outbound there are no port restrictions. Inbound, 9030 is
> permitted.
> On the router, 9030 is forwarded to the server.
> Debug logging has entries about the
> Debug and Info messages gripe about the local machine name being
> associated with an internal IP:
> Aug 03 nn:nn:nn.nnn [Debug] resolve_my_address(): Guessed local host
> name as 'xxxx'
> Aug 03 nn:nn:nn.nnn [Info] resolve_my_address(): Guessed local
> hostname 'xxxx' resolves to a private IP address (  Trying
> something else.
> Aug 03 nn:nn:nn.nnn [Info] resolve_my_address(): Interface IP address
> 'nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn' is a private address too. Ignoring.
> Aug 03 nn:nn:nn.nnn [Info] resolve_my_address(): Address 'xxxx'
> resolves to private IP address ''. Tor servers that use the
> default DirServers must have public IP addresses.
> Aug 03 nn:nn:nn.nnn [Info] router_pick_published_address(): Could not
> determine our address locally. Checking if directory headers provide
> any hints.
> I saw a mention of "customrc" lines, but I don't see them in my torrc.
> Can someone direct me to instructions for setting the external IP?
> Thanks.
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