[tor-dev] Proposal 334: A flag to mark Relays as middle-only

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Fri Sep 10 23:05:56 UTC 2021

Thank you for working on this,
I was hoping for such a flag for a long time,
great to see that it is happening now.

The flag should minimize the ability of the relay to do harm.
This means such relays should _not_ be used by tor clients for _any_
other use-case than the second hop position (no HSDir, no fallbackdir, ...).

Also ensure this functionality is available to tor clients via a torrc option
like "ExcludeExitNodes" can be used by tor clients as well.

The torrc option for clients could be named "LimitToMiddleOnlyNodes" or similar
and takes a list of relay fingerprints and can appear multiple times in a torrc (like ExcludeExitNodes).

If there are conflicting configurations the exclusion should overrule
the inclusion of a relay fingerprint. Detected conflicts should cause
a log entry.
An example for a conflict:
MapAddress, EntryNodes, ExitNodes (or any other including option)
mentions a relay fingerprint that is also excluded.

kind regards,


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