[tor-dev] GSoC 2021 - Alexa Top Sites Captcha and Tor Block Monitoring

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon May 24 23:04:19 UTC 2021

> https://gitlab.torproject.org/woswos/CAPTCHA-Monitor/-/wikis/GSoC-2021
> tpo/community/support/#40013


The importance due to negative utility and freedom impact this big blocking
problem has been having on Tor users. The DBM project in the original wiki'd
links could/should have been first picked up and added adjunct to with the
publicly sphere engaged and reporting in the OONI style (itself started after
the decade of the DBM project started its outline). And the problem grew larger.

Cloudflare (TLS stripping spies), reCaptcha, etc... have only spread worse over
time now blocking even more percent of sites, by their default config and or by
negative biased wording in the blocking softwares config docs about tor users
that their customers then read and make bad misconcept about tor and its users
thus leading to more blocking being configured, meanwhile tor users have grown
in mass numbers, thus more negative impact total to bigger percent of people
using internet especially via tor and VPN.

At least some people formally looks at problem now, even if only first
GSOC, to proof and expose it to sunshine more, towards ending it.
Most of the project aspects for it are in searchable lists history around the
above links, including automating the scans, ranking, reporting, doing public
engagement against the blocks using the provided list of potential solutions
to get the problem solved, etc.

It is really very bad when Tor users are censored forbidden prevented from
right of just clicking and only *reading* information on the internet, let
alone Tor users needs to publish their own there, to reply interact
utilize with others in the fora and platforms and services, to use buy pay
support patronize and get delivery, to debate social meet discover help learn
politic etc, the right to *write* to the internet... under such discriminatory
predjudiced anti human right of participation, under these kneejerk
least-co$t-and-thought-given blocking regimes and mentalities.

The use of tor, VPN's, new overlay and proxy networks, to browse/use
the internet is only growing worldwide, for good ways and defensive protective
sensible reasons... but users still getting more "you are denied to use this
service via tor/VPN, your account has been locked and deleted, your datas
and balance has been confiscated, you are banned for life, you must submit
selfies phones IDs and all life data infos, etc" ... all just for using the

Such source based blocking methods even being applied to users
of IRC, and now to the cryptocurrency networks.

End these blocking regimes being deployed against freedoms
of millions of worlds users... "DontBlockMe"... indeed!

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