[tor-dev] Please reconsider Issue #2667 (tor over tor is much needed)

maketorgreatagain maketorgreatagain at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 23 19:00:19 UTC 2021

Good day,

We am making this request to our bellowed Tor Project developers and relay operators to reconsider issue https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/2667. Tor over tor scenario is not recommended by Tor project but We are forced to use such setup to hide our operations from the powerful adversary which would in case we use bridge between our two tor path most likely possible de-anonymize us and put our life in dangerous.

Tor is making our work possible and helping collaborate without restrictions, please let's reconsider this issue one more time. We are running number of relay and we considered not applying latest update to help us at least work with our own relay but adversary observes big part of network and will most likely identify us when 70% of network start dropping tor over tor connections.

Tor over tor scenario does not amplify attack power within tor network, the strength of any request is losing it's power right after first hop, but for many people it provides necessary and much required privacy.

We do highly sensitive work in research journalism across the globe and only way we found so far not be de-anonymized was tor over tor scenario, probably for reason that two circuits are dynamic and it's very hard for adversary to track that down properly due to nature of tor network. Understandable that you most of time support regular Tor Browser usage and 3 hop circuits but believe us there are situations where our scenario is really necessary.

We have collected donations of around 21000 USD in XMR so far(we know it's not much), which we can either donate to Tor project to help fix this issue or otherwise fund relay operators to run not-up-to-date relays just to help us operate under this powerful adversary. The second is worse solution as it would make network more vulnerable, or at least allow relay operators to enable or disable that option and don't make it mandatory.

Privacy for the win!

Much love for Tor project and you relay operators
Best regards
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