[tor-dev] A series of questions about Tor (m1 support, forward secrecy, v3 auth)

Holmes Wilson h at zbay.llc
Sat Jul 24 19:40:01 UTC 2021

>> We just got a report from a user that the tor binary for Mac was using much more CPU on Apple Silicon / M1 than it used on Intel. Has anyone scene anything like this? Is there an arm64 build of tor binary for Mac, existing or in the works? 
> Can you provide more detail about where this tor binary came from? Was
> it compiled from source or did it come from Tor Browser?

It came from Tor Browser. So it was definitely an intel build. Is compiling for M1/arm64 as simple as compiling Tor on M1? 

>> (Related: do Tor developers have a few M1 Macs to test on? We could probably donate one if not!) 
> We do not, but we'd be happy to discuss this with you!

Sure thing! I’ll email you directly.


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