[tor-dev] DirAuth usage and 503 try again later

Sebastian Hahn hahn.seb at web.de
Wed Jan 20 11:04:07 UTC 2021

> On 18. Jan 2021, at 18:00, Roger Dingledine <arma at torproject.org> wrote:
> While I was looking at moria1's directory activity during the overload,
> I did say to myself "wow that's a lot of microdescriptor downloads".
> So hearing that torpy isn't caching mirodescriptors yet makes me think
> that it's a good bet for explaining our overload last weekend.

The fact that torpy doesn't use microdescriptors makes me think there's
at least some other party involved here. Hopefully they can also improve
their software, but it makes me wonder what that software is :/


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