[tor-dev] torify/nmap results in SIGABRT

Matt Traudt pastly at torproject.org
Fri Jan 15 13:00:59 UTC 2021

If this nmap command tries to generate non-TCP traffic, then that's your
problem. Tor only supports TCP traffic.

Also, I hope you have a good reason for portscanning over Tor. People
irresponsibly doing this contribute to Tor's bad reputation and ruin it
for everyone. People rely on Tor for free access to uncensored
information, and doing big port scanning the Internet or irresponsibly
scraping webpages causes exit operators trouble.

Rent a cheap VPS or something. Bonus: it will be way faster, support all
transport protocols, AND you don't have to deal with proxying over Tor.


On 1/14/21 22:19, Peng Yu wrote:
> Hi,
> I see the following error. Is it a bug in torify/torsocks? Thanks.
> $ torify nmap -p7 google.com
> ...
> NSOCK ERROR [88.9380s] nsock_make_socket(): Socket trouble: Operation
> not permitted
> Assertion failed: (nse->iod->sd >= 0), function nsock_pool_add_event,
> file nsock_core.c, line 1273.
> Abort trap: 6

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