[tor-dev] [dappy] Willing to chat with tor devs, about name system issues/solutions

Raphaël Fabre contact at fabco.tech
Fri Dec 24 14:38:59 UTC 2021


I'm Raphaël (fr) I just joined the tor dev mailing list. I would like to chat with tor developers, particularly if they have worked, or are interested in the issues regarding a name system for tor.

I'm the lead developer of dappy https://dappy.tech , we'll launch in 2022 and I do think we have interesting properties, for the public web as well as for tor and privacy-focused web projects.

We are the only name system in the world that does co-resolution, that's the way we found to maintain a consistent name system, and also avoid censorship and phishing.

Our system has the following properties:
- blockchain-based name system: it simply means that mapping is globally consistent, name management is distributed in the sense that a blockchain handles it, the resolver just connect to this blockchain.
- Systematic co-resolution (not rotation): lookup request are always addressed to a network of independant agents: there are many instead of a single one. And then there is consensus at browser level. This prevents 90% of attacks or attempt of censorship/phishing.
- Anonymous registrations
- Load-balancing of names: you can attach 20 IP addresses to your name, dappy browser will try each one of them until it gets a response.
- 100% encrypted/https

Censorship cannot happen, neither at the storage location (blockchain) or on-the-fly at resolution time (co-resolution)

We will launch in 2022 and would be thrilled to exchange with some developers or engineers.

This document has lead me to the path of the tor-dev mailing list https://gitlab.torproject.org/legacy/trac/-/wikis/doc/OnionServiceNamingSystems

Happy to chat
Merry Christmas

Raphaël Fabre
Building a ultra-secure blockchain-based name system and browser https://dappy.tech
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