[tor-dev] CAPTCHA Monitoring Project Final Report

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Sep 7 11:49:09 UTC 2020

> El 8/31/20 a las 9:22 AM, Barkin Simsek escribió:
>> Hi everyone,
>> The end of the Google Summer of Code period has arrived, and you can
>> find my GSoC final report for the CAPTCHA Monitoring project here [1].
>> This was my first time working with an active open source community
>> and I enjoyed it a lot! The feedback you have provided made the
>> experience worthwhile and exciting. I couldn't finish implementing all
>> of the features I planned, so I will be around and I plan to stay
>> active. I want to thank my mentors GeKo & arma and everyone who helped
>> me with the project!
>> Best,
>> Barkin
> Thanks so much for the great work you did!

Indeed, I'd like to second that. It's been a pleasure working with you
during the GSoC time and I hope you stick around. :)


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