[tor-dev] woswos - GSoC 2020

Barkin Simsek barkin at nyu.edu
Tue May 12 18:24:02 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm Barkin (woswos in IRC), and I study Computer Engineering at New York
University Abu Dhabi. This summer, I will be working on the "Cloudflare
CAPTCHA Monitoring" project as a part of the GSoC program with my mentors
Georg and Roger. I’m very excited about working on this project!

The Cloudflare CAPTCHA Monitoring project aims to track how often
Cloudflare fronted webpages return CAPTCHAs to Tor clients. The project
aims to achieve this by fetching webpages via both Tor and other mainstream
web browsers and comparing the results. The tests are repeated periodically
to find the patterns over time. Collected metadata, metrics, and results
are analyzed and displayed on a dashboard to understand how Cloudflare
manipulates internet traffic and affects people's access to the internet.

I will be creating a bunch of trac tickets to record my progress and to get
feedback from the community. Until then, you can leave your comments and
suggestions under the ticket #33010

You can find more detailed information about the project on this wiki page:
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/CAPTCHAMonitor This wiki
page will also contain the links to the trac tickets I mentioned. I try to
place all sorts of information on the wiki page to make it the "go-to
place" to get information about my project.

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