[tor-dev] Chutney tests fail for tor/maint-0.3.5 (bug #33677)

teor teor at riseup.net
Mon Mar 30 03:22:21 UTC 2020


> On 28 Mar 2020, at 21:42, c <c at chroniko.jp> wrote:
> For the Outreachy.org internship project I decided to take on bug
> #33677 [1].

Thanks for applying for Outreachy with us.

> I followed steps to run `make test-network-all` both on tor master and
> maint-0.3.5 branches, using Chutney master branch. I tested before and
> after tweaking value of HS_WAIT_FOR_UNCHECKED_DIR_INFO just to ensure
> my testing environment was sane; all tests passed (except for two that
> were skipped on master: mixed+hs-v23 and mixed+hs-v23-ipv6, and one
> on 0.3.5: mixed+hs-v2, I assume this is expected though) on the first
> go, on both branches of Tor.
> Tests pass on Tor master after setting HS_WAIT_FOR_UNCHECKED_DIR_INFO
> to 0, but on maint-0.3.5 I've run tests a few times (both with and
> without CHUTNEY_DEBUG set) each time with a different outcome. Some of
> the tests which fail: basic-min [2], single-onion-v23 [3],
> bridges+ipv6-min [4], and ipv6-exit-min [5]. I have excerpted logs at
> the bottom of this message, narrowed down to test failures; let me know
> if I need to provide full logs or additional information.
> I'll keep digging on this issue; I just wanted to show my current
> progress and share what I hope to be useful information.

Thank you for letting us know what you've done so far. And for providing
comprehensive logs.

This ticket is a cleanup ticket, after some other changes have been made.
I've edited the ticket description to make that clearer.

So we expect that the chutney tests will fail with
HS_WAIT_FOR_UNCHECKED_DIR_INFO = 0, until the following changes
have been merged:

Check for relay microdescriptor downloads:

Check for onion service descriptor uploads:

Someone else is working on the microdescriptor changes at the moment.

Would you like to start working on the onion service descriptor changes?


> [1]: <https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33677>
>     "Stop waiting a set time for onion service descriptors"
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