[tor-dev] Walking onions status update: week 4 notes

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Sun Mar 29 23:18:02 UTC 2020

Walking Onions: week 4 update

 On our current grant from the zcash foundation, I'm working on a
full specification for the Walking Onions design.  I'm going to try to
send out these updates once a week.

My previous updates are linked below:

 Week 1:
   formats, preliminaries, git repositories, binary diffs,
   metaformat decisions, and Merkle Tree trickery.


 Week 2:
   Specifying details of SNIP and ENDIVE formats, in CDDL.


 Week 3:
   Expanding ENDIVEs into SNIPs.


This week was pretty rough for me; the impact of being isolated at home
is starting to kick in, and my kid is still trying to find a schedule
that works for him.  I got a lot less done this week than I had planned.

That said, I _did_ get some good design done, in two areas: voting, and
circuit extension.

== Voting

I'm trying to generalize our voting algorithms to minimize the need
for new consensus formats in the future.  I want most new fields to be
self-describing in terms of how to tabulate votes for them.  Trying to
work this out has taken a bunch of energy, though and I'm not quite sure
I'm doing it right.  The work here is unfinished.

I still think it's reasonable to encode existing votes and new votes in
a new cbor-based structure.  By using compression, a little redundancy
in votes shouldn't hurt us too badly -- though that's something I need
to benchmark eventually before we build this.

I've come up with a way for voters to use diffs and compression when
_uploading_ votes: first, the voter asks for a summary of what
mechanisms are supported by the recipient and which older votes it has.
Next, the voter can use that information to upload a vote diff with an
appropriate compression format.

Right now I believe that I have most of the fields for the votes figured
out, but I need to clean them up a _lot_.  SNIP bodies can work
similarly to how microdescriptors work now, if we like -- or they could
involve individual votes on input fields.  I think I'm going to write up
what I can here, and then revisit SNIP bodies once I've worked some on
section 6 (the "fancy" client behavior).

While working on voting, I found a need for various changes in the
already written sections.  For one example, the previous description
of the ENDIVE format included the SNIP signatures as part of the
signed ENDIVE.  But we can't actually generate that as part our
voting protocol: the authorities can't sign SNIPs until they know
the complete ENDIVE contents, and so putting the SNIP signatures in
the signed part of the ENDIVE would add an extra round of voting and
signatures.  Instead, I've moved the SNIP signatures (and related
stuff) into the signature header of the ENDIVE.

I've also worked somewhat on the so-called "root document" holding
the network configuration parameters.  I'm hoping that this document
can have an effective lifetime of weeks or months for clients, and
that clients can download only the parts that they need.  The format
is in section 02, but needs more description.

The work-in-progress voting writeup is in [VOTING], but it is not so
close to done. I think it will need a lot of writing before it's
ready for even preliminary review; it doesn't make sense as it is,
and it contradicts itself in places.

== Extending circuits

There are a few wrinkles here that we hadn't actually specified in
earlier walking onions work!

When one relay is told to extending a circuit to a target relay by
index, the extending relay actually needs to include part of a SNIP for
that second relay: otherwise, the extending relay won't know which onion
key the client expects to receive for it.  We don't want to send an
entire SNIP -- only the parts that the client will expect to match.

In addition to wide EXTEND cells, we'll also need wide RENDEZVOUS and
INTRODUCE1 and INTRODUCE2 and TRUNCATED cells.  All together, that means
that having a general "cell fragmentation" mechanism is probably
warranted; I've started a separate proposal for that [WIDE_EVERYTHING].

We're going to need a general extension format for CREATE and EXTEND
cells, to signal other information, like SNIPs, requests for SNIPs, and
so on.  We also need a way to ask for SNIPs without actually performing
a handshake.  I've tried to fit these all together in a fairly logical
way in [EXTENDING], but there's more to write here, including examples.

== Fun facts

The walking onion proposal is now the second-longest that we have
ever had, behind only proposal 224 (v3 hidden services).

== Next steps

In this coming week I plan to try to wrap up section 3 on voting and
section 5 on extending circuits.  I'm going to go back to the start
of section 2 and start revising all I've written so far for

Time permitting, I want to sketch out all the knowns and unknowns
for section 6 (on tricky client behavior).

[EXTENDING] https://github.com/nmathewson/walking-onions-wip/blob/master/specs/05-extending-circuits.md

[VOTING]  https://github.com/nmathewson/walking-onions-wip/blob/master/specs/02-voting-and-authorities.md


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