[tor-dev] onionbalance useful on same server / for high-spec non-location hidden servers?

Patrick Schleizer patrick-mailinglists at whonix.org
Wed Jun 3 09:24:22 UTC 2020

Would it be useful to run multiple Tor instances and onionbalance on the
very same server? Or does that totally defeat the purpose of onionbalance?

In my case, it's not a location hidden service. Just an alternative way
to connect to a server which is available over clearnet anyhow.

I guess the presumption of onionbalance is that a location hidden server
shouldn't produce too much Tor traffic as that would be suspicious?

Is a single Tor client a bottleneck? I.e. are multiple Tor clients more
performant than only one Tor client? Does onionbalance "only" work
around limitations of individual servers in CPU / IO / bandwidth?

In other words, assume CPU / IO / bandwidth is "unlimited" on one
server. (And ignore failover.) Does it make sense to run multiple Tor
instances and onionbalance or would a single Tor instance without
onionbalance be sufficient?


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