[tor-dev] Snowflake server and traffic analysis questions

procmem at riseup.net procmem at riseup.net
Mon Jan 6 16:48:38 UTC 2020

Goal: We (Whonix) are researching optional bridge hosting for our users
to thwart web fingerprinting. Snowflake makes the most sense since no
NAT hole-punching is needed. Correct me if I'm wrong here because if
that was possible with obfs4 or meek it would save a lot of work.

We now know acting as a bridge makes the user act as a guard node and
not just a rendezvous to one.[1]


Some questions to help with implementation:

* Do the user's own data go through just two hops as well or are they
sent to the guard node they chose before deciding to run as a bridge?
How do configure Tor to do the former if it isn't?

* Are there plans to create signed debs for snowflake client/server so
we can use it with Debian's tor daemon?
* Do Tor Browser bundles with the snowflake addon also include the
server component?

* Do Alpha bundles have this code yet?

* When are these bundles expected to arrive to stable?

* Is it possible to interact headlessly with the snowflake server
component via commandline? How?

* How can we run TBB headlessly so users don't mistakenly interact with
it on the gateway?

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