[tor-dev] CentOS 8 TOR Repo

Kushal Das mail at kushaldas.in
Fri Aug 7 17:34:02 UTC 2020

On 07/08/20, Ladar Levison wrote:
> It appears that installing TOR via the CentOS 8 DNF repo isn't working.
> The pre-flight configuration check fails because the repo package was
> built using zstd 1.4.4, and CentOS 8 is currently providing zstd 1.4.2.

Thank you for the report.

> For any that cares to try, the repo is at:
> https://rpm.torproject.org/centos/8/

Our rpm repo for CentOS/RHEL requires EPEL repository enabled. It is the
step 1 in our documentation [0].

You can see the upstream build of the zstd package at [1].

[0] https://support.torproject.org/rpm/
[1] https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1429450

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