[tor-dev] How do Ed25519 relay IDs look like?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Tue Aug 4 23:25:24 UTC 2020

Damian Johnson:
>> I hope we can agree to use the same format in all places.
> Thanks nusenu, that's a great summary. Honestly I doubt that
> deprecating RSA keys is on anyone's visible horizon, and by extension
> RSA-based fingerprints will remain our canonical identifiers for the
> foreseeable future.

That is fine. To clarify: I'm _not_ aiming to speed the transition
to a RSA1024 free tor world up (that is not my goal here).
I'd just like to see a decision on the naming and format that will be used from the point
the decision has been made - so I can point to it and use it in
the well-known URI submission.
If it is clear to you that we will not see a decision on the naming and format
in Aug 2020. That is also valuable information for me.


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