[tor-dev] How do Ed25519 relay IDs look like?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Aug 2 00:45:52 UTC 2020

> First, I'd advise that we call these 'v2 fingerprints' so it's clear
> that we intend to substitute these anywhere traditional fingerprints
> are used.

Isn't using "fingerprint" not a bit misleading since it is not the output of
a hash function but the ed25519 master public key itself?

> Second, I would advise against truncated base64 identifiers.
> Fingerprints are 40 character hex. master-key-ed25519's base64 value
> can include slashes (such as
> "yp0fwtp4aa/VMyZJGz8vN7Km3zYet1YBZwqZEk1CwHI") which will be
> problematic for DirPort urls, GETINFO commands, etc.
> The simplest solution would be to simply hexify these values. This
> will raise our fingerprint length from 40 to 64 characters

to avoid increasing the length to 64 characters, how about using urlsafe base64
that does not make use of the "/" character?


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