[tor-dev] Network team: New status page for 0.4.2; feature freeze; want to work on any tickets?

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Sep 16 01:55:23 UTC 2019


This mail is mainly for the network-team folks, but I'm sending it to
tor-dev anyway in case it's helpful to anybody else.

I've made a new page for our 0.4.2 status, based on Teor's original
040 status page.  Here it is:


Note that as with 0.4.1, I'm using two different keywords: 042-must and
042-should. The difference here is that 042-must stuff should be things
that would really block a release candidate, whereas 042-should stuff
is stuff that we might in theory release without fixing. (It might
annoy our users or violate our best practices, so we _should_ try to
fix it, at least.)

At the bottom of the page are all the tickets in the milestone that
are *not* marked 042-must or 042-should.  Some of these are things we
could still fix anyway in 042; many will be removed.  Please label
them soon if you think they are things we should fix in 0.4.2!

We are now in feature-freeze for 0.4.2.x.  Let's try to solve our open
0.4.2.x issues soon, so that we can move on to 0.4.3.x. Most of the
042-must and 042-should issues are currently unassigned, so if there
are any you would like to work on, please either assign them to
yourself, or bring them up at the next team meeting?


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