[tor-dev] New Orbot, tor-android and AndroidPluggableTransport updates

Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Tue Sep 10 16:23:10 UTC 2019

A new Orbot is out, with a bug fix related to obfs4proxy installation,
and a new tor!

We've also updated the tor-android library, with the latest
release, and all is working well.


and we updated our AndroidPluggableTransports library, which was at the
root of our "Orbot Bridge" bug, not properly installing the binary from
the APK bundle.


These libraries and versions are available via our Guardian Project
gradle/maven repo hosted on Github:

maven { url
"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/guardianproject/gpmaven/master" }

implementation 'org.torproject:tor-android-binary:'

implementation 'info.pluggabletransports.aptds:apt-dispatch-library:1.0.7'
implementation 'info.pluggabletransports.aptds:apt-meek-obfs4-legacy:1.0.7'

Everything is building again in our CI pipeline here:
and we nearly have automated on-device testing working via the cloud
services Bitbar and/or Browserstack.

Life is good, again.


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Subject: 	Orbot 16.1.2 RC-2 with tor-
Date: 	Tue, 10 Sep 2019 00:42:56 -0400
From: 	Nathan of Guardian <nathan at guardianproject.info>
Organisation: 	Guardian Project
To: 	Guardian Dev <guardian-dev at lists.mayfirst.org>

Orbot 16.1.2-RC-2-tor-

* Found and fixed bug related to bridges not working
* Updated tor to


@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this 5 minutes ago ยท 0 commits to master since
this release

c2e679d (HEAD -> master, tag: 16.1.2-RC-2-tor- update to
1d45a3d update APT Pluggable Transport library to 1.0.7 - this should
fix one issue with installing the correct ofbs4proxy binary - also small
changes to ensure no lock states and reduce log noise
efec61d (tag: 16.1.2-RC-1-tor-, newport/master) update to
237b388 yet another attempt at fixing the phantom zulu locale bug!
a9efc3c disable tests for now in CI build
918bcca (origin/master, origin/HEAD) remove unused layouts for app-mini
08b670f update paths for app-mini code
cefac58 putting classes back into main app package, and not "mini"
97d2aac improvements for bridge handling for #242
0e40c07 update badvpn tun2socks library
034844a remove fileprovider from app-mini since it is used just for HS
d95f197 make keystore props reading not fail if not present
d0640c6 remove output from repo
e8f3158 remove binaries from repo
5845a4c update build tools to 29
003d9ea update build tools to 29
9c6de06 update build tools to 29
a266c65 add new functionality to allow for checking connections against
app blacklist
d98e5fb update changelog for 16.1.1-BETA-2-tor-
Assets 6
Orbot-16.1.2-RC-2-tor- 10.3 MB
Orbot-16.1.2-RC-2-tor- 833
Orbot-16.1.2-RC-2-tor- 9.94 MB
833 Bytes

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