[tor-dev] New python Tor client implementation

James jbrown299 at yandex.com
Mon Oct 21 19:37:56 UTC 2019

Hi Damian,

Sorry for the late reply.

There are two things why I didn't use Stem.

1. A number of python implementations I've found on the internet had
broken dependencies or didn't work at all. So, I decided to create a
fully functional Tor client with the bare minimum of dependencies.

2. Up until now I thought Stem was just a library to control the Tor
process. As it said at front of https://stem.torproject.org:
"With it you can use Tor's control protocol to script against the Tor
process". Unfortunately API docs didn't help me to see that certain Tor 
primitives were indeed implemented.

 >If you'd care to integrate any of this functionality into Stem I'd be
 >delighted to work with you.

I didn't yet think about integration. It's always a matter of spare
time. Anyway, you can freely use the code or send me bugs. In turn, I
can help you to resolve the issues.


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