[tor-dev] Exposing onion service errors to Tor Browser

Jeremy Rand jeremyrand at airmail.cc
Tue Oct 1 06:22:45 UTC 2019

George Kadianakis:
> Hello list,
> we've recently been thinking about how to expose onion-service-related
> errors to Tor Browser so that we can give more useful error pages to
> users.  We currently return "Unable to connect" error pages for any kind
> of onion service error, and I think we can do better.
> This is a thread to think about the errors we want to expose, how that
> should look like, and what options we should give to the users when it
> happens. Relevant master tickets are #30022, #30025 and #30000.
> We decided (in #14389) that Tor will export these errors through the
> SOCKS port, and the relevant spec is proposal 304 [0].
> As part of #30090 antonela started making a table of potential
> errors. I'm gonna use that in this thread and also add a few more.

Hi George,

In the hypothetical scenario that Namecoin (or any other naming layer)
gets introduced to Tor Browser, it is likely that some error values
specific to the naming layer are going to be useful to convey to the
user.  My preference is to defer that issue until after Namecoin is
introduced to Tor Browser (unless you think it's important to prepare
for in advance?), but I figured it's worth at least getting it onto your

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