[tor-dev] Practracker regen in #30381

teor teor at riseup.net
Thu Nov 28 05:43:53 UTC 2019


> On 27 Nov 2019, at 22:34, George Kadianakis <desnacked at riseup.net> wrote:
> teor <teor at riseup.net> writes:
>> It looks like you regenerated the whole practracker file in #30381:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30381
>> https://github.com/torproject/tor/commit/53ac9a9a91a8f2ab45c75550456716074911e685#diff-9fd3400f062c4541d79881e199fd9e1f
>> But we usually just add exceptions for the files that we modified.
>> When we do a full regeneration, we lose a whole lot of warnings that
>> tell us where our code quality is getting worse.
>> Do you mind if I revert the unrelated changes?
> No problem either! Sorry for the trouble.
> FWIW, what happened there is that when I need to rebase an old dev
> branch to master (because of revisions etc.), there are almost always
> multiple conflicts with practracker. Resolving these manually is very
> annoying (they are many and confusing), so sometimes I have ditched the
> exceptions.txt completely and just regenerated practracker exceptions
> from scratch. That's what happened in that case. If someone has a tip
> for this situation, it would be cool :)

I think the best way to fix this issue is to stop creating code that
requires practracker exceptions :-)

If that's not possible, we should:
1. use the master copy of practracker/exceptions.txt
2. re-run practracker
3. ignore warnings
4. fix any new errors


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