[tor-dev] Acceptable clock skew in tor 0.4.1

anonym anonym at riseup.net
Thu Nov 14 12:36:00 UTC 2019

George Kadianakis:
> An unfortunate exception here is v3 onion services: v3 onion services
> only tolerate skews of maximum ±3 hours [1] but in most cases even
> tighter than that. This is to assure that v3 clients and services have a
> recent and accurate view of the network. In theory all of Tor needs a
> recent and accurate view of the network, but v3 is particularly fragile
> because of the shared random value and the precise time periods.
> Sorry to break the bad news, but it is what it is. In theory we could
> potentially do improvements for v3 here, but this is not in the scope
> right now.

Actually Tails should be fine: once Tor has bootstrapped Tails syncs the time using htpdate which should also fix v3 onion service access. So I believe intrigeri's questions were only for bootstrapping + creating a circuit to a non-onion end-point -- once Tails succeeds with those it *can* sync the time accurately.


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