[tor-dev] Acceptable clock skew in tor 0.4.1

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sat Nov 9 08:08:44 UTC 2019


recently, tor has become more tolerant to skewed system clocks;
great, thanks!

At Tails, we would like to take advantage of these improvements in
order to remove as much as we can of our not-quite-safe clock fixing
code. Our testing suggests that:

 - A ±24h clock skew is now acceptable in most cases¹: tor
   bootstraps successfully.

 - While with a ±48h clock skew, tor fails to bootstrap.

Could someone on the network team please confirm that these empirical
results match what the code is currently supposed to do?

Thanks in advance!

[1] In some corner cases I see weird behavior (#32438).
    And obfs4proxy is stricter than that, which I should report on Trac.


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