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Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Fri May 31 20:27:44 UTC 2019

Tor working well on Android. We've updated the tor-android
library to, and included it in the latest Orbot beta. It is
available via Gradle at the usual spot (see below):


maven { url
"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/guardianproject/gpmaven/master" }

implementation 'org.torproject:tor-android-binary:'

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Subject: 	Orbot 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-
Date: 	Fri, 31 May 2019 16:25:20 -0400
From: 	Nathan of Guardian <nathan at guardianproject.info>
Organisation: 	Guardian Project
To: 	Guardian Dev <guardian-dev at lists.mayfirst.org>

/** 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor- / 31 May 2019 /
417e4fcd0720be57328d63a96d2c9fc0e119330f **/

Thanks to @bitmold @sisbell and @eighthave for all the great work, not
to mention the core Tor dev team making all things mobile better every day!

APKs posted at: https://guardianproject.info/releases/

[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:17     12M     
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:17     833      
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     12M     
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     833      
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     12M     
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     833      
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     32M     
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     833      
[ ]    Orbot-16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-   
2019-05-31 15:18     12M     
[ ]   
2019-05-31 15:18     833      
[ ]    Orbot-16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-   
2019-05-31 15:18     12M     
[ ]    Orbot-16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-

417e4fcd update version to 16100003 aka 16.1.0-BETA-1-tor-
7ae000d0 fix pdnsd/VPN support
dde1957d Merge pull request #219 from bitmold/delete_minimalperm_manifest
a251d52f Merge pull request #218 from bitmold/ndk_app_platform_warning
eda464bb remove incorrect torFile assignment
a1c5806a update tor-android to
ad2e875b We no longer use the minimalperm product flavor so there's no
need to keep this manifest file in app/src
917e49f5 Removes warning on ndk-build where the target API for NDK (16)
is greater than the sdk version defined for the project. Since nothing
was specified in the manifest it defaulted to 1 but we can set
 this to Orbot's minSdkVersion of 16 to get rid of this warning
f83a98f4 Merge branch 'sisbell-issue_199'
ff7d3dd5 (sisbell-issue_199) Merge branch 'issue_199' of
https://github.com/sisbell/orbot into sisbell-issue_199
7c2cfc3e Merge pull request #212 from sisbell/issue_211
1316fd65 Merge branch 'bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb'
e3fd4afa (bitmold-no_personalized_learning_kb) Merge branch
'no_personalized_learning_kb' of https://github.com/bitmold/orbot into
aa8ad867 Merge pull request #204 from bitmold/unreferenced_classes
16826a49 Merge branch 'bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks'
17154609 (bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks) Merge branch
'removed_obsolete_version_checks' of https://github.com/bitmold/orbot
into bitmold-removed_obsolete_version_checks
0e4b42a7 add close bracket
4cee987c Merge branch 'master' into removed_obsolete_version_checks
08c35bd3 Remove unused resources.
ae4ce1c9 Fixes #211: Resource Not Found on Command Line Build
2fb7e05a Merge pull request #210 from eighthave/fastlane
57120100 rename all metadata locale dirs after the Fastlane/Play names
baced180 setup Fastlane to upload to Google Play
d2feefdd Removed Obsolete @TaretApi Annotations for API Levels that are
lower than Orbot's minimum, API Level 16
a32452e7 Make text inputs in Orbot declare that they do want to opt out
of IME personalized learning. Of course, IMEs may ignore this request,
but it's a nudge in the direction of Tor's general philosophy
on user privacy, particularly with regards to minimizing the footprint
that a Tor app leaves on the user's device.
7d8e41a6 Removed Constraint Layout Dependency
5d04d418 Removed Unused Classes
2b6abd7e Removed Obsolete Version Checks
cd6560fa Merge pull request #202 from bitmold/no_constraint_layout
a5d5c99f (public/master, gl/master) remove unused launcher art
9257b66f don't shrink or minify for now
56917567 (tag: 16.0.6-BETA-2-tor- many small changes to support
new binary loading, startup and more - improved handling of port
conflicts - fixed loading of tor binary on arm64-v8a - changed how w
e execute shell commands
8ed080f9 Removed Constraint Layout Dependency
2a76b7af (tag: 16.0.6-BETA-1-tor- updated to SDK 28, added
android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE permission
fb14c76c fixed strings with two many \\ escapes
45575772 updating to tor- to add support for Android Q
22d5ffdf update gradle tools
76796fea Merge pull request #200 from eighthave/fastlane-supply
6ba0cecc add .gitlab-ci.yml setup with errorprone
3face00a build gradle to 4.4.1, and make gradlew verify the download
69bd7fe9 move app store graphics into fdroid/fastlane file layout
f93c11e7 Merge pull request #190 from SkewedZeppelin/master
8ab13f63 Fixup bad indentation from 6e4b7008
12b91c44 Expose PreferIPv6 and NoIPv4Traffic options
8ad76680 Move Google repo above jcenter
d4befad1 cleanup and binary loading fixes
2d4e2a5f update tor to
0f314214 (tag: 16.0.5-RC-2-tor- update to 16.0.5-RC-2-tor-
2c59c848 ensure startForeground() is always immediately called - since
we use startForegroundServce() we must ensure the receiving service

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