[tor-dev] Onion Service - Intropoint DoS Defenses

teor teor at riseup.net
Thu May 30 14:46:56 UTC 2019


> On 30 May 2019, at 23:49, David Goulet <dgoulet at torproject.org> wrote:
> Over the normal 3 intro points a service has, it means 150 introduction
> per-second are allowed with a burst of 600 in total. Or in other words, 150
> clients can reach the service every second up to a burst of 600 at once. This
> probably will ring alarms bell for very popular services that probably gets
> 1000+ users a second so please check next section.

Do we know how many introduce cells are sent to popular services?

How can the operators of these services find out their current introduce rate?


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