[tor-dev] Network team: New status page for 0.4.1; help needed on ticket triage

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Fri May 17 12:51:12 UTC 2019


This mail is mainly for the network-team folks, but I'm sending it to
tor-dev anyway in case it's helpful to anybody else.

I've made a new page for our 0.4.1 status, based on Teor's previous
040 status page.  Here it is:


Note that this time I'm using two different keywords: 041-must and
041-should. The difference here is that 041 stuff should be things
that would really block a release candidate, whereas 041-should stuff
is stuff that we might in theory release without fixing. (It might
annoy our users or violate our best practices, so we _should_ try to
fix it, at least.)

At the bottom of the page are all the tickets in the milestone that
are *not* marked 041-must or 041-should.  Some of these are things we
could still fix anyway in 041; many will be removed. Let's triage
these together!

As discussed at the last meeting, we are currently in feature freeze
for 0.4.1.  Other than tickets that are marked "postfreeze-ok", we're
planning not to  take any more features in Tor 0.4.1.  (Network team
folks, please remember to spend your time on 041-must and 041-should
tickets, and on Sponsor 19 tickets. If we make enough progress on
these, we can open up 0.4.2 for merging early.)

happy hacking,

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