[tor-dev] [GSoD] Project 4: Help us write architecture documentation for Tor

Pranam Lashkari plashkari628 at gmail.com
Thu May 2 22:10:36 UTC 2019

I want to participate in Google Season of Docs as a technical writer. I
have closely looked at the ideas available on the ideas page and found
project 4 interesting. I have also skimmed through the existing
documentation for the same.

What are the further procedures? (E.g: In GSoC most of the organizations
make students take competency test or make them contribute by solving small
bugs or patches) Do we have something similar in Tor for the GSoD?

*About me:*
I am a final year computer engineering student. I have been involved in
open source since last two years. I have been a GSoC 2018 student with
Boost C++ Libraries and Google Code-In mentor with KDE and JBoss.
Apart from that, I would have been Admin of Boost C++ Library in GSoD but
unfortunately, Boost isn't a part of GSoD this year due to limited slots
for organizations in GSoD's pilot year.

I initiated a technical newsletter at my college where I generated content
for 1 year along with leading the committee for the same. This initiative
involved writing tutorials for the new aspirants, reviewing trending
technologies and documenting college projects.

Thank you,
Pranam Lashkari
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