[tor-dev] Tor Friendliness Scanner

Ryan Duff ry at nduff.com
Sat Mar 16 22:04:57 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

Really interesting project!

The way we intended to do this was to send our FF "ground-truth"
> collection through Tor, and specifically through the same exit node as
> TTB uses. This way we can isolate the variable to the differences in the
> browsers, rather than any network or other concerns. In addition, we are
> working on developing a method for determining if content is dynamically
> generated (and therefore different every time), or broken.

Won't this severely taint your "ground-truth" though? If you're ultimately
using the exit-node for both, then you'll really only end up measuring what
is friendly to the Tor Browser itself instead of Tor overall. Is that the

If not, with direct access to an exit node, you could run the test direct
from that node (not using Tor) for the "ground truth" and then use it as
the exit node of choice for the Tor Browser to have a solid comparison
between Tor vs Not-Tor.

I look forward to seeing this come together!

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