[tor-dev] download consensus from mirrors based on frequency options in torrc

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Fri Mar 8 01:52:05 UTC 2019


> On 7 Mar 2019, at 22:00, Pouya Miralaee <pouyamiralayi at gmail.com> wrote:
> according to these frequency options below, how should i specify that tor does not or if it has to, only in necessary times downloads consensus from directory servers and in all other cases, download them from mirrors or fallbacks.
>     "ClientBootstrapConsensusAuthorityDownloadSchedule": "6, 11, 3600, 10800, 25200, 54000, 111600, 262800",
>     "ClientBootstrapConsensusFallbackDownloadSchedule": "0, 1, 4, 11, 3600, 10800, 25200, 54000, 111600,262800",
>     "ClientBootstrapConsensusAuthorityOnlyDownloadSchedule": "0, 3, 7, 3600, 10800, 25200, 54000, 111600,262800",
> I just intend to complete the decentralized situation in here. but i can not figure out how these frequency options work together.

The defaults are fine for most clients.
And if you change them, you may be less anonymous.

All supported versions of Tor only use the first value in the list:
  o Minor features (configuration):
    - The "DownloadSchedule" options have been renamed to end with
      "DownloadInitialDelay". The old names are still allowed, but will
      produce a warning. Comma-separated lists are still permitted for
      these options, but all values after the first are ignored (as they
      have been since 0.2.9). Closes ticket 23354.

Here's how you can use the authorities less:

1. Make sure you are using the default set of authorities.
(No DirAuthority or AlternateDirAuthority lines in your config.)

2. Avoid using the directory authorities when you're looking for a fallback:
  DirAuthorityFallbackRate 0.000001
Don't set this value to zero, unless you are willing to fail if the
fallbacks you try are not available.

3. Delay authority fetches until you've checked a few fallbacks:
On a client:
  ClientBootstrapConsensusAuthorityDownloadSchedule "30"
Or however many seconds you're willing to wait if the fallbacks you try are
not available. (You can't make relays stop connecting to the authorities.)

And if you're using or later, then you can spell the option like this:
  ClientBootstrapConsensusAuthorityDownloadInitialDelay 30
The old spellings work on all supported Tor versions.

Have fun!

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