[tor-dev] OTRv4 summit at PETS2019

Sofia Celi sofia at autonomia.digital
Wed Jun 12 12:39:47 UTC 2019

Hi, Tor people!

My name is Sofía and I'm the person leading the OTRv4 initiative. I don't know
if this is the best place to send this, so if it is not, let me know ;)

As part of the work on creating the version 4 of the OTR (Off-the-Record)
messaging protocol, we are running a summit in Stockholm, Sweden, the 15 of
July, in the morning.

This summit runs in parallel with the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium
2019 (PETS2019, https://petsymposium.org/2019/index.php). It will be a summit
around the work done in the field of secure messaging, deniability and privacy
on July 15 on the morning (that is, the day before the start of PETS 2019). It
will be held at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). You can find it on the
official PETS2019 programm: https://petsymposium.org/2019/program.php and on the
official otr website: http://otr.im/

The OTRv4 summit will feature a mix of a discussions, short talks and
presentations which aim to highlight the importance of privacy, security and
deniability in a secure messaging setting to researchers, students, activists
and developers. The final schedule for the event will be announced closer to the
event. The workshop will start at 9 am and end at 12.30 pm.

As one of our developers and my current partner, Ola Bini, has been detained
in Ecuador with no actual evidence, we will also talk about this. You can read
about this in the latest EFF statement:

We will like that you join us there... so let us know if you can!

Thank you!

The OTRv4 team
Sofía Celi
Cryptographic research and implementation at CAD: https://autonomia.digital/
EF74 1A5F 5692 E56F 14F6  243C 3992 6144 F89D 996F

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