[tor-dev] 24 hours worth of BridgeDB usage metrics

Rick Huebner rhuebner at radiks.net
Tue Jul 30 04:22:52 UTC 2019

That's awesome, and will shine a lot of light on user demand patterns 
and how well things are actually working through various channels. Could 
some metrics be added to summarize how the bridges and queries are 
distributed across the hashrings? As in, at the end of the day, roughly 
how many bridges are in each hashring, and how many requests were served 
from each hashring? I've seen behavior in the past that made me wonder 
if the internal HMAC/modulo partitioning method is actually uniformly 
distributed or not, like perhaps there are some hashrings with most of 
the bridges and others with too few (within a given distribution 
method), or maybe there are too many requests being pulled from certain 
hashrings, leaving others under-utilized. This might not need to be a 
permanent stat dump, but seeing it for at least a few days would help a 
lot to confirm that the db's guts are working as intended.

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