[tor-dev] Modifying Path Selection based on geography

teor teor at riseup.net
Tue Jan 22 03:32:30 UTC 2019


> On 19 Jan 2019, at 21:21, sarpedon montecarlo <sarpedon000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> the event handlers i register,  streams and circuits events, freeze and stops working. this is not happening from the beginning but when some streams show up, it seems like some stack somewhere that i am not aware of, stock at processing the queue.

It's hard to fix bugs like this, unless we can see them on our machines.

Can you please tell us
* what code you are using
* what tor configuration (torrc) you are using
* the commands you use to launch your code and tor
* the notice-level log messages that tor logs before it stops working

Please copy exactly what you're doing into a pastebin like https://paste.debian.net

> Second: if i want to build the project, is there any up to date approach?
> i used the dependency libraries provided at jenkins, the problem is that using nmake goes wrong, and the last update of the build-manual in the code belongs to 2014.

If you're on Linux, macOS, or BSD, these instructions should work:

If you're on Windows, just let us know. Some other developers on this list are more
familiar with Windows, and they can point you to the latest instructions for Windows.

Again, if you're having trouble, please copy exactly what you're doing, and the output
you see, into a pastebin.

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