[tor-dev] RFC: Using `utls` in meek_lite.

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Mon Jan 21 19:00:29 UTC 2019

(Whoops I sent my last reply directly instead of to the list.  It wasn't
all that important for the general public, and lists.tp.o has been flaky
for me recently anyway.)

On 1/21/19 5:22 PM, David Fifield wrote:
> As for the TODO, my plan was was to expose a "utls" SOCKS arg to make it
> configurable per bridge, and just reuse the utls Client Hello ID names:
> 	utls=HelloChrome_Auto



As long as there's enough bridge line interoperability between
implementations, I'm not particularly bothered if other people actually
do use utls.HelloGolang or not, I'm choosing not to.

As a side note:
Implementing support for the missing DH groups in utls is likely trivial
(assuming you don't care that it's vartime, extremely bad for actual
TLS, fine for meek_lite) and would increase compatibility a good amount.

That said HelloChrome_Auto and HelloIOS_Auto both work fine against the
Azure bridge, so it might not be worth the effort.


Yawning Angel

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