[tor-dev] Speeding up your Tor Appveyor Builds

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Feb 27 22:09:32 UTC 2019


We have made some changes to speed up Tor's Appveyor builds:
They should be merged soon.

If you have Appveyor set up on your personal tor git repository, you
can change Appveyor's configuration so that it's a bit faster.
(We can't make these changes in the .appveyor.yaml config.)

0. Log in to Appveyor:
   I use GitHub to log in to Appveyor.

1. Go to Appveyor's project settings page.
   Mine is:

2. Set "Build timeout, minutes" to 30.
   The default timeout is 60 minutes.
   Tor's jobs usually take about 10 minutes, unless they hang.

3. Set the "Rolling builds" checkbox.
   The default is:
     "build all versions of a branch/pull request".
   Rolling builds means:
     "when a branch or pull request is updated, cancel the previous build,
     and start a build with the latest changes."

That's it. Your builds will be a bit faster!



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