[tor-dev] Sending multiple streams through a single Tor circuit

Piyush Kumar Sharma piyushs at iiitd.ac.in
Sat Feb 16 17:30:57 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I am a PhD student, and am working on some measurements in Tor.
I am stuck at a point where i need to send multiple applications(streams)
traffic through a single circuit.
I am currently using torsocks/torify to send traffic of these multiple
applications through Tor.
The main problem is that, despite trying many different ways to achieve the
same (sending multiple streams through a single circuit), i am not

Things i have tried :
1.) Force Tor process to create only a single circuit at a time preventing
any new circuit creation, so that any new stream would be attached to this
only available circuit. To acheive this i have set the following Tor
options :
set __DisablePredictedCircuits to 1
set MaxClientCircuitsPending to 1
set newcircuitperiod to 999999999
set maxcircuitdirtiness to 999999999
The problem with the above method is that it seems to work sometimes
randomly. But most of the times for some reason, a new circuit is still

2.) Next, i assumed that maybe running torify multiple times for each
application is the culprit, as it may try to create new circuit for each
run. So i created a new bidirectional stream using socat, which listens on
a local TCP port, and forwards the data to the Tor SOCKS port assuming that
it will lead to a singe connection to local SOCKS.
Even this did not work and still new circuits were created randomly.

3.) Next i tried to attach streams to circuits manually, using the stem
library following the link :
. This seemed to work initially, but then after every 4-5 runs, the streams
seemed to detach automatically. Moreover, the original circuit crashed too.

It would be great, if someone could tell a simple way to achieve the same,
or would point me to any mistakes that can be improved in the above
methodologies to make them work.


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