[tor-dev] tor relay process health data for operators (controlport)

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Feb 3 22:19:00 UTC 2019

> Thanks for this email. I exporting more metrics on the control port is a
> great idea. I wanted to have that for a while 

Great to hear that so we have a realistic chance it
gets actually implemented :)

> There are safety questions to ask ourselves here before blindly
> exporting many stats.


> Exporting many stats to the control port unfortunately means that all
> relay operator can possibly create fancy graphs 

making non-public graphs and alerts is the goal

> and make them public

public graphs should result in the rejection of
affected relays.
I'll be submitting a few to bad-relays@ soon
since enn.lu apparently does not care when asked to
remove their public stats and xml data.

> which, depending on the stat, can be harmful.
> Furthermore, graphing stats can also means that over time the relay
> operator stores historical data of everything that happened within the
> relay and that can be used in many ways to pull off attacks (ex:
> subpoena to access such data base by LE).

yes, acceptable / unacceptable retention times and granularity
should be defined and documented.
I'd propose a max. retention time of two weeks.

> The Heartbeat log has a minimum of 30 minutes period but a default of 6
> hours. 

current tor has no restrictions on Heartbeat granularity, you can
ask tor to write the data to the logs every other second by issuing 
on the control port.

> Whatever stats we would end up exporting, I strongly think that
> keeping delays like that is a strong requirement because we would sort
> of "bin" those aggregated stats by a "long enough period" instead of
> having a very fine grained stream of stats that would make it trivial to
> spot spikes down to the minute.

30 or 60 minutes granularity seems reasonable

> Some of the stats below are safe in my opinion like the memory usage but
> most of them need to be looked at in terms of safety 

yes please


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