[tor-dev] TBB Memory Allocator choice fingerprint implications

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Wed Aug 21 23:04:42 UTC 2019

> If someone is going to criticize other people's work and dismiss it as
> nearly useless without even somewhat informing themselves about it,
> they should expect to be called out on that. You might find my reply
> offensive, but I found the email that I was replying to extremely
> offensive and I had to subscribe to this list and figure out how to
> send a reply to a past email from the archive to defend the value of
> my work. It wasn't fair or accurate criticisms or comparisons.

Hi Daniel. Further posts from you will require moderator approval.

Personally I'm baffled what made you so upset. From what I can tell
Tom didn't even claim harden_malloc is a bad project, just that
benchmarks should be redone with Firefox's jemalloc forking in mind
and that he doesn't expect benefits from integrating it via LD_PRELOAD
for our use case (though to be honest this thread got too wonky for me
- not my specialty).

Regardless, contentious technical discussions on this list are fine
but personal attacks are not.

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