[tor-dev] Putting onion services behind a third-party TCP proxy

teor teor at riseup.net
Fri Aug 16 06:54:50 UTC 2019

> On 16 Aug 2019, at 04:52, Pop Chunhapanya <pop at cloudflare.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
>> The only protocol supported right now 'haproxy'. This option is only for clients. (Default: none)
> I think TCPProxy option is more generic than HTTPSProxy, Socks4Proxy and Socks5Proxy. Why don't we also allow https, socks4, and socks5 instead of just haproxy?

That's possible, but it's not required as part of the patch.

If we wanted a fully generic option, we should probably call it something like
ORConnectionProxy or OutboundORProxy.

I'd like to see what Nick thinks when he's back next week.

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