[tor-dev] PrivCount Status

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Apr 24 03:30:31 UTC 2019


Nick asked me to send a status email about PrivCount, before I go on
leave for a few weeks.


We want to add the following counters to a PrivCount Proof of Concept:
* check counters (zero, relay count, time in seconds)
* consumed bandwidth

Nick also suggested adding connection counts. That seems like a good
counter, but we want to make sure we do bandwidth in the first release,
because it's a high-risk statistic.


In March and April, I deferred PrivCount tasks to work on chutney for
one of our other sponsors.

I also delayed these tasks, because I was waiting for #29017 and #29018
to merge:
* #29017 PaddingStatistics should be disabled when ExtraInfoStatistics is 0
* #29018 Make all statistics depend on ExtraInfoStatistics


The top-level ticket is:

PrivCount proof of concept with existing statistics

I was mainly working on code for these tickets:

PrivCount proof of concept: implement check counters

PrivCount proof of concept: implement consumed bandwidth counters

Make relays report bandwidth usage more often in test networks


I have incomplete branches for #29004, #29005, and #29019 here:

I think all the necessary code is present in these branches.
(But maybe it's not???)

But it needs some cleanup:
* rebase on to the current master,
* put the commits on the right branches
* make sure it does what these tickets say it should do

I'm happy to do that after I come back from leave.
I am also happy if Nick wants to clean up this code.

See also my previous email about BridgeDB and PrivCount. Maybe we can
save ourselves some effort by using PrivCount's obfuscation on
BridgeDB's statistics.



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