[tor-dev] Merger and Mainline Handovers

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Apr 17 09:13:25 UTC 2019

Hi Nick, George, David,

(I'm sending this email to tor-dev so everyone knows how Core Tor
merges are going.)

Mainline Mergers

David is back from leave, so I'm going to stop doing mainline merges.
But please let me know if there's a merge I can help with.
(Email or Signal is best, IRC has a lot of backlog.)

Do we need to do a handover some time?
The next team meeting might be a good time.

Mainline Merge Ready Tickets

I moved my mainline merge trac wiki queries to this page:

That page should show all of the mainline merge_ready tickets, sorted
by owner and reviewer. Your name is in bold, so you can work out which
tickets you should merge. (We want 3 people to look at every ticket
before it merges, except for trivial changes.)

Here is our full list of task tracking wiki pages:

When does 0.4.0 stop being mainline?

It looks like people aren't merging backports to 0.4.0 any more.
That's probably a good idea: we should minimise release candidate changes.

When should I start doing 0.4.0 merges as part of the backports?

Backport Status

We released last week, so I'm going to backport some
low-risk changes to 0.2.9 and later. Most of these changes have been
tested in

I should be able to do the backports tomorrow or Tuesday.

Here are the backports for the next few days:

Here are the backports I will do after I get back from my leave in May:



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