[tor-dev] Tor master exits with a required protocol error

teor teor at riseup.net
Mon Sep 17 01:52:11 UTC 2018

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If you are running Tor master, your Tor may exit with a required
protocol error.

The issue was introduced in commit 991bec67ee (about 8 hours ago).

The following conditions will make Tor exit:
* Tor will exit on startup if it has a cached consensus from the 14th
  of September (or earlier). It does not matter how old the consensus
* If certain directory authorities go down, the remaining authorities
  may generate a consensus that will cause your Tor to exit.

These consensuses require the LinkAuth=1 protocol, which Tor master
believes it does not support. (The change was intended for NSS Tors,
but mistakenly applies to all Tors.)

Here's how you can mitigate this issue:
* downgrade to or earlier, or
* delete the cached consensuses in your data directory. These
  consensuses may be called cached-consensus,
  cached-microdesc-consensus, unverified-consensus, and
  unverified-microdesc-consensus. Some may not be present.

We should resolve this issue in master in the next 24 hours. Then it
may take another 24 hours for packages to be rebuilt.

The master ticket for this change is:



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