[tor-dev] obfs4, meek, active probing and the timeline of pluggable transports

Piyush Kumar Sharma piyushs at iiitd.ac.in
Sat Oct 27 11:50:06 UTC 2018

Hello all,
I have a few specific questions related to the pluggable transports.

1.) I believe that obfs4 stops active probing(the latest problem as brought
to notice by Ensafi et al, IMC 2015 and Shinying Cho, FOCI 2018), and hence
discovering obfs4 Tor bridges using active probing is not possible. Is that
true? If so, then we are good to go and hence we don't need any other
pluggable transport to work for us as long as obfs4 is working?

2.) What was the motivation to bring in meek as a pluggable transport,
given the fact that obfs4 works great to cover all the existing problems
with Tor detection. Was the motivation just the fact that, it will be much
easier for the users to use meek than obfs4 or something other than this?

3.) I searched a lot but could not find the timeline in which pluggable
transports were built. As in what was developed and deployed first, obfs4
or meek?


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