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sarpedon montecarlo sarpedon000 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 13:12:16 UTC 2018

I am supposed to implement, a python application that runs tor in
The running tor is under direct control of the python app via control port.
This running tor, is the proxy for the Tor Browser; By this I mean, when
the Tor Browser starts, it will connect to this process, instead of the
bundled tor provided by itself.
The controlling features I am into, are as below:
A) I want to attach streams coming from each tabs of the Tor Browser,
attached to a separate circuit; By this I mean each tab of the browser, use
a separate circuit, and do not share circuits with each other.(just like
the way ordinary TBB does that)
for this I am aware that Tor Button plugin does something with the streams
to separate streams of a specific tab from other streams.
Then by using IsolateSocksStream option on the tor side, tor will
successfully isolate each tabs streams.
My problem here, is that I am handling the routing and stream attaching all
by myself and I can not use the provided IsolateSocksStream option because
I am handling the circuit generation by myself because of the specific
policies I am using for generating circuits, and their related paths.
So if I am facing a bunch of streams, and I have a bunch of circuits
myself, How am I going to detect that Stream A is from tab A of TBB and
Stream B is from tab B of TBB, so I attach stream A to circuit A, and
attach stream B to circuit B.
Thanks in advance.
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