[tor-dev] Orbot 16.0.3-BETA-2 (tor- release for testing

Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Fri Oct 12 21:26:22 UTC 2018

- Tor / OpenSSL 1.0.2p with dirauth module disabled (not used
for client devices)
- Updated Obfs4/Meek pluggable transport support and built-in bridges
- Simplified (less memory, network & battery intensive) notification
with "New Identity" button

APKs up here:

@n8fr8 n8fr8 released this just now
Assets 6

    Orbot-16.0.3-BETA-2-tor- 8.77 MB
    Orbot-16.0.3-BETA-2-tor- 862
    Orbot-16.0.3-BETA-2-tor- 17.8 MB
862 Bytes
    Source code (zip)
    Source code (tar.gz)

f06939b (HEAD -> master, tag: 16.0.3-BETA-2-tor-, public/master,
origin/master, origin/HEAD, dev/master) update build 16030020
9d3bd82 udpate default bridges
c207a1e update new simpler notification with "new identity" button
bcae003 add permission to service manifest
a7130ab update to latest tor android
a5d1978 update default bridges
ffda769 update NDK build script
3349454 update to latest Pluto obfs4proxy builds
048ed9f Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
84e0433 (tag: 16.0.3-BETA-1-tor- update version to
16.0.3-BETA-1-tor- and build to 16030010
66cc8ad improve service checking for running Tor instance
6bc161b update to Tor
0ff8d7c Merge pull request #173 from haghighi-ahmad/patch-1
772e0db Improve Persian translation and fix grammar.
129b55a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:n8fr8/orbot
1bef963 Merge branch 'Unpublished-deprecated_torrc'
b2bf3d9 Merge branch 'deprecated_torrc' of
https://github.com/Unpublished/orbot into Unpublished-deprecated_torrc
06c343c update launcher web graphic
3433112 update launcher graphics
bd61739 update version and constrains library
9a866aa update gradle tooling
31238af update tor to RC

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