[tor-dev] Proposal 293: Other ways for relays to know when to publish

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On Thu 31 May, 2018, 5:49 AM Nick Mathewson, <nickm at torproject.org> wrote:

> Filename: 293-know-when-to-publish.txt
> Title: Other ways for relays to know when to publish
> Author: Nick Mathewson
> Created: 30-May-2018
> Status: Open
> Target: 0.3.5
> 1. Motivation
>    In proposal 275, we give reasons for dropping the published-on
>    field from consensus documents, to improve the performance of
>    consensus diffs.  We've already changed Tor (as of to
>    allow us to set those fields far in the future -- but
>    unfortunately, there is still one use case that requires them:
>    relays use the published-on field to tell if they are about to fall
>    out of the consensus and need to make new descriptors.
>    Here we propose two alternative mechanisms for relays to know that
>    they should publish descriptors, so we can enact proposal 275 and
>    set the published-on field to some time in the distant future.
> 2. Mechanism One: The StaleDesc flag
>    Authorities should begin voting aon a new StaleDesc flag.
>    When authorities vote, if the most recent published_on date for
>    a descriptor has over DESC_IS_STALE_INTERVAL in the past, the
>    authorities should vote to give the StaleDesc flag to that relay.
>    If any relay sees that it has the StaleDesc flag, it should upload
>    some time in the first half of the voting interval.  (Implementors
>    should take care not to re-upload over and over, though: Relays won't
>    lose the flag until the next voting interval is reached.)
>    (Define DESC_IS_STALE_INTERVAL as equal to
> 3. Mechanism Two: Uploading more frequently when rejected.
>    Tor relays should remember the last time at which they uploaded a
>    descriptor that was accepted by a majority of dirauths.  If this
>    time is more than FAST_RETRY_DESCRIPTOR_INTERVAL in the past, we
>    mark our descriptor as dirty from
>    mark_my_descriptor_dirty_if_too_old().
> 4. Implications for proposal 275
>    Once most relays are running verions that support the features
>    above, and once authorities are generating consensuses with the
>    StaleDesc flag, there will no longer be a need to keep the
>    published time in consensus documents accurate -- we can start
>    setting it to some time in the distant future, per proposal 275.
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